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Why Pursued by Bear?

Oscar and Felix

What makes you so special?

Pursued by Bear focuses on accessible, cleanly-designed sites that favor function over form. Because we adhere strictly to web standards, our sites are easy to maintain, meet Federal accessibility guidelines, and come search-engine optimized right out of the box. We may use Flash or Javascript for ornamental effects, but because these languages limit access to handicapped users and search engines alike, we do not base our sites on them.

But what can you do?

We've built everything from small, one-page information sites to large, database-driven web applications. Our sites are typically (but not always) built in PHP or Java with a MySQL back-end. We can work with an existing designer to translate print designs to web, or we can take over maintenance of existing sites. Check out our portfolio of sites to get an idea of our style and then drop us a line!

What's with that name?

As the story goes, Shakespeare only ever wrote one stage direction (that job was usually the domain of stage managers), which is in The Winter's Tale: "Exit, pursued by bear." Pursued by Bear has its roots in the theatre community (as you may notice from our portfolio), so it seemed fitting to name the company with a theatrical allusion.


  • Center REP
  • Theatre Bay Area
  • Sonoma State Performing Arts
  • Aurora Theatre Company
  • National New Play Network
  • Your Daily Staple
  • Central Works
  • The Custom Made Theatre Company
  • Demer IR
  • Quinn Associates
  • SF Playhouse
  • California State Oriental Medicine Association
  • Magic Theatre Company
  • Southern Rep

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